Respite at home

Respite care is when companies, such as Aylecare, care for the person you are looking after for a short period of time. This allows you to take a break from caring.

It could also be following a stay in hospital, to provide you with some support whilst you get back to your usual self.

Depending on your current care situation, you may well be able to receive funding from your local authority to use towards respite care.

This can range from a visit for a hour or two a week to allow you some time to go somewhere by yourself, to for a series of visits through the day for a set number of days such as providing care whilst you go on holidays.

We offer this service, as we know how important it is for people to stay in their own home and keep as comfortable as possible rather than have a short stay in a residential care home.

As Aylecare moved into providing home care after seeing a family member not receiving the quality of care we would expect. We know how hard it can be to provide care for a loved one yourself, and how valuable a short break from caring for yourself can be to leave you refreshed and recharged.

Just like our home care packages, your respite at home package, will be tailored exclusively to your needs. Your carer will visit at pre-arranged times and days, to allow you to plan your time away from providing care.

Our carers will also still be able to support with all the usual tasks, such as personal care, meal prep and medication support.

If you would like more information on the respite at home services we can offer, or to discuss arranging a free consultation to see how Aylecare can meet your needs, then please get in contact with our friendly and professional team.

Respite at home

As even you need a break from time to time.